Keeping valuables and important papers away from unwanted attention is easy with a safe deposit box. Code of conduct ensures the clients’ privacy; you are not required to declare what property you are storing. However, drugs, weaponry, ordnance and other illegal item are prohibited.

The business centers, offices, hotel and IT companies often face issues as theft, trespassing and illegal actions of state officials. Every above mentioned event may result in heavy financial loss. Trained personnel ensures that risks are at minimum.

Fire alarm systems are constantly being upgraded with the use of the latest achievements in the field of engineering. Every company in Ukraine is legally obliged to have a FAS installed in the office or any other facility. This equipment ensures that property and people stay out of ...

Providing security for shops and malls involve theft prevention and conflict de-escalation. Another priority task is to uncover and apprehend potential criminals. Advanced surveillance training is required for contractors involved in these operation.

Festivities, concerts, exhibitions and other events where mass attendance is expected require security officers to be present on site. Their task is to stop outsiders from entering the territory, de-escalate potential conflicts and prevent terror attacks. Well trained and equipped teams stand ready to ensure everything goes according ...

Camera monitoring is a crucial part of any security system that serves as a fundamental routine for operations. It can provide critical data under certain conditions. For instance, if a breach has occurred and reaction unit arrives after the criminals have fled the scene, video records can disclose ...

Factories, warehouses and other crucial components of the industrial infrastructure may be lucrative pieces for criminals – ‘professional’ thieves as well as rogue personnel who may try to lay hands on tools, equipment or production. Our contractors are always vigilant to prevent theft, trespassing or any other offence.

Access control systems are designed to track visitors that enter and leave the room, as well as to log their actions. A combination of tech tools and administrative routine provide comprehensive overview of personnel activities.

Contractors that are tasked with providing security for construction sites are involved in the following routines: entry control, prevention of theft and trespassing, freight checks. Personnel is specially trained and equipped for these activities.

The threats that security contactors are required to counter in the vicinity of apartment houses, cottages and private households include property theft and trespassing, as well as a range of other criminal activities. Properly trained staff ensures safety for residents.

Alarm button is a special piece of equipment that is connected to a control room 24 hours a day. Once the alarm is triggered, a reaction unit is immediately dispatched to the site. It can be used to protect facilities as well as people.

Providing security for cafes, restaurants, gyms etc requires the contractors to ensure a conflict free environment. It is also necessary that property remains intact and no customer leaves without paying the bill. Every officer undergoes extensive training to ensure that the potential crisis will be handled properly. Under ...

The main goal of freight operations is to get the shipment to the destination point safe and on time. Armed contractors who have undergone appropriate training will ensure the neither staff nor goods or valuables are harmed. Agency vehicle is available.

The burglar alarm systems are used to detect intruders and to notify the officer on duty of the emergency. The BAS consists of alert modules, on/off trigger, monitoring station and backup power source. Security is ensured by 24/7 connection with the control room.


INEX security agency

Our expertise in providing security for a variety of facilities is backed by years of experience in the field and proven by positive references from our clients in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Poltava, Chernihov, Mykolaiv and other Ukrainian cities. The agency has successfully developed and implemented security routines for malls, offices, industrial plants, shops, restaurants, apartments, construction sites etc.
Continious improvement of human resources is a priority for us. Careful selection of recruits, intense training and regular testing ensure that our teams consist of the best operatives.

Sentry observation

A scheme of sentry posts is developed for every facility that is secured by INEX contractors. The duties are carried out by trained operators, equipped with protective gear, radios and dressed appropriately for the mission. Canine units can also be dispatched under certain conditions.

The agency specialists conduct an extensive audit of the guarded territory to uncover weak points and suggest ways to negate breach possibilities.
Sentry duty can be carried out as a onetime operation or in 12/24 hour shifts on a constant basis. The dress code is specified by the client: a standard black uniform, two piece suit or formal pants and shirt.

Alarm systems and routines

“INEX-pult” agency conducts installation, tunings and maintenance of burglar and fire alarm systems, panic buttons, surveillance circuits, access control systems and control room equipment. Operations are carried out promptly with consideration of the client’s needs. Reaction unit dispatch, warranty service and equipment upgrades are included in the pricing. If an emergency occurs, the security contractors will take every possible action to ensure minimal damage is inflicted.