1.0-Security for business centers, offices, hotels, IT companies

Office Security Services Providing security for office infrastructure, hotels and IT companies involves a range of specific tasks for contractors, such as theft prevention, anti-trespassing measures as well as negating of possible unlawful actions by governmental officials. Terror acts are also a possibility that operators have to be ready for. The security officers have to […]

Ranges from 38 UAH/hour

1.1-Security for industrial facilities

Organization of enterprise protection Production plant safeguarding Providing security for industrial plants is one of the core business lines for our agency. INEX operatives work to prevent any possibility of perimeter breach with the use of modern surveillance equipment and vast experience in the field. Enterprise safety Ensuring security for enterprises is a task for […]

Ranges from 38 UAH/hour

1.2-Freight escort

Cargo security and tracking Safeguarding valuable cargo Safeguarding valuable cargo is one of the core business areas for INEX security agency. With expensive goods on board a vehicle becomes a primary target for criminals. The robbers will go an extra mile to study their target and prepare the assault. Our agency guarantees safety of personnel […]

Starts at 40-60 UAH/hour

1.3-Security for shops, malls and car dealership

Protection of shopping centers What you need to know about the security of shopping centers Safeguarding commercial facilities involves preventing property theft and conflict de-escalation. It is also critical to uncover potential violent criminals on time and neutralize them before situation gets out of hand. Operators who are tasked with providing mall security are required […]

Ranges from 38 UAH/hour

1.4-Household security

Protection of apartments, cottages Apartment house security, as well as protection of cottages and private households requires the contractors to prevent trespassing and property theft. With advanced technical means at hand the operators are trained to use equipment such as CCTV circuits, AC and alarm systems. The staff members’ appearance is also controlled by the […]

Ranges from 36 UAH/hour

1.5-Restaurant security

Security in the restaurant and cafe The main objective for contractors involved in security routines at restaurants, cafes and gyms are to de-escalate potential conflicts, prevent theft and customers leaving without paying the bills. Violent offences are also a possibility that has to be countered. INEX operatives ensure corporate grade security thanks to excellent physical […]

Ranges for 40-60 UAH/hour

1.6-Building site safeguarding

Protection of construction objects Protecting facilities under construction is one of the prime operation scopes for our agency. Impenetrable perimeter and deflection of any threat to the client’s property are a number one priority. Construction site security No matter how complex the task is, INEX operators will reduce the risk of theft or vandalism to […]

Ranges from 38 UAH/hour

1.7-Event security

Protection of mass events What you should know about security events Providing security for events, concerts, special occasions and expos requires the operatives to prevent trespassing as well as locate and de-escalate possible violent outbreaks. Large congregations of people in one spot can also be targeted by terrorists. To ensure a safe environment for the […]

Starts at 50 UAH/hour

1.8-In Safe

Rent of safes In Safe offers a secure and reliable way to store your valuables. The deposit boxes are located in a strong room that is outfitted with state of the art tech. 24/7 surveillance ensures absolute safety for the facility and its contents. The deposit boxes are basically cells of different size in an […]

1.9-Access control

Access control systems ACS prevents trespassing by people who are not intended to visit the company. Access control equipment The ACE gives the client technical capability to selectively grant the visitors admission or prohibit entry through the guard post. Room entry control With a REC system in place the security contractors will provide access to […]

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2.0-Alarm systems

Security system for office, home Alarm systems service includes a range of routines such as development, installation, monitoring and maintenance. These actions allow preventing possible crimes, such as: – Robbery; – Armed assault; – Vandalism and property destruction. Alarm systems are designed to detect the perimeter breach as soon as possible and transfer alarm signal […]

Begin at 200 UAH

2.1-Fire alarm system

Fire systems – design and installation The FAS is a critical component of security systems implemented in the offices, production plants and other corporate facilities. Fire alarm is continuously upgraded and developed as new threats emerge and new ways of countering them are devised. Every enterprise based in Ukraine is legally obliged to have FAS […]

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2.2-Panic button

Alarm button, key chain Alarm button Panic button is a special piece of equipment that is connected to the control room 24 hours a day. When alarm is set off, a reaction is dispatched to the site. The alarm system trigger is generally considered to be the go to solution for facility security if the […]

Starts at 200 UAH

2.4-Video surveillance

Surveillance system for an apartment, office CCTV surveillance can be used as a standalone security measure or an auxiliary component of a complex system. The range of application is broad. For instance, a reaction unit arrives at the breach site, but the trespassers are gone in an unknown direction. The video recorded by cameras may […]

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Our expertise in providing security for a variety of facilities is backed by years of experience in the field and proven by positive references from our clients in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Poltava, Chernihov, Mykolaiv and other Ukrainian cities.

The agency has successfully developed and implemented security routines for malls, offices, industrial plants, shops, restaurants, apartments, construction sites etc.
Continious improvement of human resources is a priority for us. Careful selection of recruits, intense training and regular testing ensure that our teams consist of the best operatives.



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