Access control

Система контроля доступом

Access control systems

ACS prevents trespassing by people who are not intended to visit the company.

Access control equipment

The ACE gives the client technical capability to selectively grant the visitors admission or prohibit entry through the guard post.

Room entry control

With a REC system in place the security contractors will provide access to the facility only to the people whom the client considers trustworthy. Properly trained contractors ensure that unwanted visitors stay away from your property.

Access management systemaccesscontrol_2

The AMS is installed by lead engineers; it sets up an admission framework that uses pass tokens to grant or deny access. Every staff member is issued an according permit. Thus outsiders are reliably kept out.

Access control monitoring

Supervision of the AC systems is conducted by our tier I contractors. Extensive training and formidable experience in the field are the combination that provides top grade result.

AC setup

Access control is established by specialists as a measure that reinforces facility safety.

ACS installation

Setting up an access control system is vital for the compound security, and high grade expertise is required to avoid mistakes and negate the risks of breaches on the perimeter.

Service is provided at contract pricing