Panic button

Alarm button, key chain

Тревожная кнопка
Alarm button

Panic button is a special piece of equipment that is connected to the control room 24 hours a day. When alarm is set off, a reaction is dispatched to the site.

The alarm system trigger is generally considered to be the go to solution for facility security if the situation becomes threatening for staff members of the property, if will take the dispatched team only minutes to arrive at the location and interfere.

With the panic button you won’t have to pay for unqualified watch any more. A smart tech solution performs the same functions more efficiently, and if need arises, professional operators are always at your disposal.

The panic button in Kharkiv can be connected to a landline phone or a cell phone via GSM uplink (service provided by Kyivstar).

Panic button can be used to protect individuals or facilities. The operating principal is the same – reaction team is dispatched to the site when alarm is triggered.

Pricing starts at 200 UAH