Access control

Access control systems ACS prevents trespassing by people who are not intended to visit the company. Access control equipment The ACE gives the client technical capability to selectively grant the visitors admission or prohibit entry through the guard post. Room entry control With a REC system in place the security contractors will provide access to […]

Household security

Protection of apartments, cottages Apartment house security, as well as protection of cottages and private households requires the contractors to prevent trespassing and property theft. With advanced technical means at hand the operators are trained to use equipment such as CCTV circuits, AC and alarm systems. The staff members’ appearance is also controlled by the […]

Fire alarm system

Fire systems – design and installation The FAS is a critical component of security systems implemented in the offices, production plants and other corporate facilities. Fire alarm is continuously upgraded and developed as new threats emerge and new ways of countering them are devised. Every enterprise based in Ukraine is legally obliged to have FAS […]

In Safe

Rent of safes In Safe offers a secure and reliable way to store your valuables. The deposit boxes are located in a strong room that is outfitted with state of the art tech. 24/7 surveillance ensures absolute safety for the facility and its contents. The deposit boxes are basically cells of different size in an […]

Security for shops, malls and car dealership

Protection of shopping centers What you need to know about the security of shopping centers Safeguarding commercial facilities involves preventing property theft and conflict de-escalation. It is also critical to uncover potential violent criminals on time and neutralize them before situation gets out of hand. Operators who are tasked with providing mall security are required […]
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