Building site safeguarding

Protection of construction objects

Protecting facilities under construction is one of the prime operation scopes for our agency. Impenetrable perimeter and deflection of any threat to the client’s property are a number one priority.
Construction site security

No matter how complex the task is, INEX operators will reduce the risk of theft or vandalism to an absolute minimum. Comprehensive analysis of the compound layout conducted by specialists serves as a basis for further operations.

Civil engineers security

Safeguarding of the civil engineering sites is a responsible task that only the most experienced and highly qualified contractors can handle. We take great pride in positive references from our clients.

Our staff members boast sharp expertise and excellent physical condition, thus every facility is reliably protected.

Building site surveillance

Security of the construction grounds is ensured by state of the art monitoring technology. Any suspicious activity or alarm trigger will be promptly investigated by the reaction unit.

Protection of the assets is a necessity since engineering equipment can cost a small fortune. Our agency guarantees security for your possessions and lighting fast response to any emergency event.

Pricing ranges for 25-30 UAH an hour