Video surveillance

Surveillance system for an apartment, office


CCTV surveillance can be used as a standalone security measure or an auxiliary component of a complex system. The range of application is broad. For instance, a reaction unit arrives at the breach site, but the trespassers are gone in an unknown direction. The video recorded by cameras may disclose the criminals’ vehicle license plate, the rogues’ face or other crucial details. A combination of CCTV and access control gives a comprehensive overview of the staff and visitors coming to and leaving the office.

Modern tech takes video surveillance to a new level. Nowadays analogue black and white cameras can be installed at any facility to monitor the inner territory as well as the vicinity.


Black and white cameras could produce a better image several years ago; today color cameras have a pre-installed ‘night mode’ that switches the reticle in a monochrome mode under poor lighting conditions, thus ensuring top quality 24 hours a day.

    If detailed image is required, high resolution IP cameras are your sure bet. This type of equipment is used to take shots of license plates or to watch a bulky object from far away. Depending on the range of required functions, you can choose from box, dome and high-speed controlled cameras. The generic functional ranges include:
  • Motion recording;
  • Screen monitoring;
  • LAN monitoring;
  • Remote monitoring via internet network.

Another option is a DVR – an autonomous piece of equipment that doesn’t need supervision if the ‘overwrite’ function is enabled. With this feature turned on the latter recordings will be replaced with newer data. The volume depends on recording periods, HDD model and video quality. If you are away (for instance, on a vacation) and need to see what’s going on in your house, office, warehouse, etc all you need is a PC with Internet Explorer (or any other browser) and an internet connection. After authentication you’ll have access to live footage and the archive.

The service is provided at contract pricing