In Safe

Rent of safes


In Safe offers a secure and reliable way to store your valuables.

  • The deposit boxes are located in a strong room that is outfitted with state of the art tech.
  • 24/7 surveillance ensures absolute safety for the facility and its contents.
  • The deposit boxes are basically cells of different size in an armored frame.
  • We offer flexible discounts: the longer the term of rent, the less the payment is.
  • Unauthorized access to the deposit box is impossible – the client holds the key.
  • Only you are present in the room when you deposit items, thus privacy is protected.
Can ‘In Safe’ staff open the deposit box in absence of the client? No, they can’t. A complete set of keys is required: one of them is the client’s key, the other is carried by the security officer.

What can be stored in the deposit boxes?

Anything that you might want to keep away from unnecessary attention.

Drugs, weaponry and other illegal items are prohibited. Despite no checks are conducted, the client is required to sign a contract that contains such provision. Thus, you have to declare adherence to the rules.

Can another person have access to the deposit box?

Only with your explicit consent in the form of a warrant.

Can a company rent a deposit box?

Yes, In Safe offers services to corporate clients.

The pricing plans are the following:
Cell height (width 325, depth 450) Price for term under 1 month UAH/day Price for terms over 1 month UAH/month
60 12,00




140 20,00




190 20,00




290 24,00




  * pricing for INEX security agency clients